Andreas Thorén & Adam Grinovich

There is always a kind of surface to any given society. It could be perceived as a first impression, or as an image that is portrayed to an outside public, or a sentiment that a group of people believe that is fundamentally theirs. It is no coincidence that all activities and behaviors that do not happen to align with such beliefs are commonly referred to as underground. Buried, underneath the dirt, alive but subterranean, present and thriving in a perverse hidden habitat that is governed by unfamiliar rules. Unpleasant, filthy, to be avoided and ignored, having the ability to soil and stain the purity of wholesome ideals. Criminal in its nature, of the unknown and to be feared, disgusting, transgressive, and fundamentally sinful.

This fascination and attraction to the underbelly of societal norms is the bond that inspired the collaboration between Adam Grinovich and Andreas Thorén



HAIL 1 (necklace) 2011

This necklace belongs to the series “Atavism” a project that deals with ornament and its relation to aesthetics that belong to a more brutal, unsavory nature. All works from the series are made from leather, tar, and steel and posses a pungent, nostalgic, earthy smell.

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