Golda Holterman & Dana Hakim

The collaboration between us took a direction which comments on the boundaries and the definition of the jewelry art field. Questioning where does my work position itself on the scale between art, design and craft. This inquiry stands in the core of the Image that Lea created. Even though we did not discuss the issue directly in our meetings it was present in between the lines. The piece was chosen to be placed on a naked women. A traditional fine art subject of painting and sculpture which turns her into an object of desire. Around the women we can easily notice several parts of oil paintings in an artistic environment, perhaps even in the artist studio posing as a model. The jewelry on the other hand is misplaced from its obvious location around the neck and gets a physical and symbolical ״higher״position.

My Four Guardian Angels
– The Blue series – 2013 –
Iron Nets, Threads, Paint, Lacquer

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