Hanna Hedman


                                  Daydreams integrated with reality and stories of past centuries blend with everyday life and nature. My work holds ornamental stories that entice you into a suggestive world full of detail; sometimes beautiful but also melancholic and malevolent. Jewellery are not only isolated objects, as they are in need of a wearer and a context; I repeatedly use photography as a compliment to my jewellery. I am foremost a jewellery and object maker, but I find it interesting to heighten awareness of wearability and relation to the human body. I compliment my objects with portraits that strengthens the narrative of the stories that I am trying to convey. I try to keep an open attitude to methods and materials as I find my way to new techniques, combinations and approaches but simultaneously always strongly rooted to tradition. At the same time even though I value quality and craftsmanship skills high, I still don’t want my work to merely be a reflection of the past. I find it intresting and important to find new ways of communiction and collaboration to be a part of todays culture and time. 



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