Helen Carnac

I am currently working on a project with the dancer and choreographer Laila Diallo and the London based Siobhan Davies Dance Company called Side by Side. Amongst other things and in no particular order we are thinking about: the shape of absence; unpacking; unfolding; moving things around; traces; memory; transient nature; remembering and forgetting; a porous quality; what is outside/inside; a membrane; not ending; resting points; end moments; the end is a beginning; process within a process. We are working towards a piece that will be shown and tour in 2014.





This is the link to a film of Laila and Helen sketching in the studio June 2012



Image attached: Laila and Helen working at the Siobhan Davies Dance studio. August 2012. Photograph: Gorm http://www.gorminator.com


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