Hilde De Decker

To show the real value of everyday things, in my work I like to remove all the excess – I always try to delete the unnecessary, so that a bare nakedness remains. In general, this is how I try to reduce an image to the essentials. This bare and naked essence is precious to me because I believe that everyday objects invoke “compassion”. Compassion, not in a negative way, but rather in the sense of a “tender feeling”.

In my search for the essence, I have to underline that “reducing” is an important principle for me. To reduce doesn’t mean “to minimize things” or “to make something less or smaller”. “To reduce” literally means to intensify. It’s a concept that is used in the kitchen and it means: to boil something down so that it becomes more concentrated. Everyone knows that the longer the pot is on the stove the less substance you will get, but the stronger and better the taste… What I mean is that what we recognize as ‘not much’ or ‘almost nothing’ can also be loaded (or charged) with a lot of concentrated information. It just depends on how we look at things and what we expect….




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