JEWELLERY SESSIONS started in april 2012, a platform where jewel makers explore a creative process through a collaboration with another discipline. Each project departs from a specific context. It aims at starting a dialogue, sharing thoughts, exchanging visions and collaborating freely. Hereby focusing on the synergy between a photograph, a piece of furniture, an installation, a jewellery piece, other artworks, and the way these artforms come together through extended research. The visual, how you see things, how you approach them, how you view them from various perspectives, is a common denominator in how we work with contemporary jewellery today. JEWELLERY SESSIONS sets out to contribute to current debates of the notion of contemporary jewellery today as an artform, and its impact in the discourse of visual art and design. Within this context we present a platform for experimentation, reflection, discussion and display, to become more flexible and interconnected. In JEWELLERY SESSIONS13I2 jewellery makers / artist groups are invited from Europe, Japan, U.S., Latin America,… to join. In collaboration with a photographer, with similar artistic visions, these invited jewellery makers work towards a photograph. The image shows a narrative view on the jewellery piece and should represent more than a profile as for example in a catalogue. This project is an artist initiative to investigate in and reflect on “crossover thinking” in applied and visual arts and a research in different forms of presentation or display of contemporary jewellery.
Silke Fleischer