Jorge Manilla

For me  jewellery means more that just create something with aesthetic value..
Making jewellery I can find a lot of posibilities  to research and try to understand life.
I like to read about what happens in the world.
First  I like to be informed about the situation in my country because this is always my first reference, after I try to think in a philosophical way…
I try to understand the meaning of life, my life and others life
Which are the values now?
What is important now and what not?
What is beautiful, what is horrible?
Are  meanings and definitions  the same for you as for me?
I try to discover and understand important aspects of the human beings
Religion, fellings, emotions, and relationships are elements that always are inspiring my work.
I want to create a personal visual and artistical lenguage my own way to share my thoughts
When viewing my work I invite the audience to go beyond the  forms and experience the emotional content .
To veel my work rather than percieve.



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