Mikiko Minewaki

what is a good piece?

I am often asked and always think about it.

I have one of the answer in recent years.

I think the piece which inspired people to create something is good one.

I guess I can’t satisfied to have people say just beautiful.

try it for yourself!

I want to continue saying so.

I was born in the countryside.
Every day I picked flowers from the fields and made necklaces from them. This is the source of my work.
One day I found that these natural forms were hidden in plastic products. The material which I cut first was a plastic capsule for small toy and its color was translucent-red. I was fascinated with the thing that this simple operation can create new form from ordinary goods. After I cut the capsules,I started to look carefully a lot of products and try to find a good point in it. My eyes were opened wider, I began to cut various materials more and more now.

I enjoy creating jewelry from various materials with students.

I pick up the blind as a material for my workshop now.

its title is “blind date”




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